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      ◆ 備考背景:
      1. ---Hello! May I speak to Zhao Hua?  —Yes, ____.
      A. My name is Zhao Hua          B. I'm Zhao Hua
      C. This is Zhao Hua speaking      D. Zhao Hua is me
      2. —Do you mind my taking this seat?—____.
      A. Yes, sit down please            B. No, of course not
      C. Yes, take it please              D. No, you can't take it
      3. —Have a nice weekend!—____.
      A. The same to you     B. You do too    C. The same as you   D. You have it too
      4. —You have done the work very well.  —____.
      A. Great        B. Thanks          C. Oh, no            D. Not at all
      5. ---Thank you very much for your help.  ----______.
      A. No thanks.    B. Don’t thank me   C. You are too kind.   D. You’re welcome.
      6. —He is not a friend of yours, is he?   —____. I have never seen him before.
      A. No, he isn't    B. No, he is         C. Yes, he is         D. Yes, he isn't
      7. —Sorry, I forgot to post the letter for you.  —Never mind, ____ it myself tonight.
      A. I'm going to post   B. I'd better post   C. I'll post        D. I'd rather post
      8. —How do you like your English teacher?   —____.
      A. Yes, I like him very much   B. No, I don't like him   C. I like him  D. He is very kind
      9. —____?
      ---She is slim pretty.
      A. What's the girl like        B. How do you like the girl
      C. What does the girl like     D. How do you like about the girl
      10. ---How often do you eat out?  ---________, but usually once a week.
      A. Have no idea    B. It depends    C. As usual       D. Generally speaking
      11. ---Will $200_____?  ---I'm afraid not. We need at least 50 more dollars.
      A. count          B. satisfy        C. fit            D. do
      (A) 特殊疑問句----特殊疑問句的答語通常針對特殊疑問詞作出具體的回答。(不要答非所問.)
      12. ---Why don't you travel to New York on vacation?   ---________.
      A. I don't want to go                         B. Excuse me, because I can't
      C. I want to but I haven't got enough money     D. Because I'm going to school today
      13. ----What subjects are you studying?   ---________.
      A. Yes, I'm study history.                     B. I'm studying now
      C. I'm studying philosophy.                   D. I'm doing my homework
      14. ---Which language do you speak at home?   ---________.
      A. I speak English very well                   B. I can speak English and French
      C. English is my mother tongue                D. English, most of the time
      15. ----When does the next bus leave for Glasgow?   ---________.
      A. I've never been there                       B. The next one is faster
      C. They leave every hour                      D. The city is far away
      16. ----Excuse me, how far is the airport from here?   ---________.
      A. You can take a taxi                         B. It's about thirty miles
      C. I'll fly to Sidney.                           D. It's only six hundred dollars
      17. ---Can you tell me how much a radio like this costs?   ---________.
      A. I'd like to buy it.                           B. It's of very good quality
      C. About eighty-five dollars                    D. It depends on how you like it
      18. ---Do you mind telling me where you are from?   ---________.
      A. Certainly, I'm from London.                 B. Sure, I was born in London
      C. Not really, you can do it                     D. Certainly not. I'm from London
      19. ---How often do you have listening classes in a week?   ---________.
      A. Listening classes are difficult                 B. Last week and the week before
      C. They have no listening classes.                D. Every Monday and Friday
      20. ---That man alone over there. Who is he?   ---_________.
      A. He is a student     B. He is Doctor Took      C. A driver, I suppose   D. He's drunk
      (B) 反意疑問句: 陳述句/祈使句 + 簡短的一般疑問句 (前肯定, 后否定; 或: 前否定后肯定)。反意問句的答語應根據實際情況(上下文提供的情景)確定: 內容是肯定的, 就用“Yes, + 肯定”結構回答; 內容是否定的, 則用 “No, + 否定”結構回答.  當前面句子為否定時, 尤要特別小心, 不要搞錯。如:
      --- It didn't rain yesterday, did it?      ---- 昨天沒有下雨,對嗎?
      ---Yes, it did.  --- 不, 下雨了.         ---- No, it didn't.  --- 對, 沒有下
      21. ---You are not the manager here, are you?   ---________.
      A. Yes, I'm not.       B. No, I am       C. Yes, I am        D. No, not at all
      22. ---Sue looks good in that new dress, doesn't she?   ---________.
      A. Yes, she is         B. No, she isn't    C. Yes, she does     D. No, she didn't
      23. ---Joe will come to the party, won't he?   ---________.
      A. Oh, yes. I forget.                    B. It's at 8 o'clock
      C. Yes, he's bringing his cousin, Sandy    D. Yes, it's a nice party
      (C) 選擇疑問句: 選擇疑問句是問話者提供兩個或兩個以上答案供對方選擇回答的問句, 答語應作出一個明確的選擇(也可全部肯定或否定)。不能使用Yes/ No回答。
      24. ---What would you like, tea or coffee?   ---________.
      A. Yes, I would       B. Coffee, please.   C. Yes, please     D. It's very nice
      25. ---Did you travel to Xi'an by train or by plane?   ---________.
      A. It is possible travel by plane.           B. I travel either by train or by planes
      C. I traveled by train.                   D. I flew there
      (D) 一般疑問句: 一般疑問句通常用yes和no來回答, 時態人稱要一致. 注意口語化的回答。
      26. ---Have you even been to Tokyo?   ---________.
      A. No, I didn't go there last year          B. No, but I hope to go there next year
      C. Tokyo is a busy city.                  D. Yes, I will do it next time
      27. ---Are there any drug-stores around here?   ---________.
      A. Yes, there is one on the left corner      B. Yes, it is
      C. No, it isn't                          D. Oh, you must have a cold.
      28. ---Do you think the exam will be put off?   ---________.
      A. Not good news.  B. The exam is difficult   C. Not likely   D. It was put off yesterday
      (E) 省略倒裝句: 省略倒裝句的對話首句是肯定句時, 用“So+助動詞+主語”或“Me too.”; 首句是否定句時用“Neither+助動詞+主語”或“Me neither”.    So it is with sb. (某人的情況也是如此)
      29. ---I think the Internet is very useful.   ---________.
      A. So do I      B. That's a very good idea   C. Neither do I    D. I do rather go surfing on it
      30. ---I don't like the sports programs on Sundays.   ---________.
      A. So do I      B. Neither do I         C. So am I        D. Neither am I
      31. ---I have been to the Great Wall.   ---________.
      A. Neither have I     B. So do I         C. Neither do I    D. So have I
      32. ---I haven't seen Belly for ten years.   ---________.
      A. Neither have I      B. Neither did I    C. Me too         D. Me neither
      (F) 情態動詞 MUST: 情態動詞must的否定回答, 表示不必時用“No, …needn't/ don’t have to”; 肯定回答, 用“Yes, …must.”
      33. ---Must we hand in our homework now?   ---________.
      A. Yes, you will     B. Yes, you mustn't    C. No, you needn't   D. No, you mustn't
      34. ---Must I do the washing-up tonight?      ----________.
      A. No, you mustn't if you don't want.       B. Leave it if you are exhausted
      C. Washing-up is really exhausting         D. Washing-up really takes up time
      (G) 祈使句的答語: 常見的有: I will. Thanks.  I won’t.  Certainly.    Of course.
      35. ---Do be careful next time.    ---_________.
      A. I do      B. I can     C. I will     D. I am.
      Keys: 高考對英語交際用語考查的內容與趨勢:
      1----5  CBABD   6----10 ACDAB    11---15 DCCDC  16----20 BCDDB
      21—25 CCCBC  26----30 BACAB    31—35 DDCBC
      在日常交談中,英國人彼此見面常常喜歡以“Good morning/afternoon/evening. Hello/Hi.”打招呼;并且喜歡以談論天氣(Nice day, isn’t it?) 作為交談的開始;美國人見面常常問身體等;而中國人卻常問“吃過飯了嗎?”
      a. 見面問候:Good morning/afternoon/evening.   Hello/Hi.
      b. 代向某人問候:Best wishes/regards to...=give one's regards to sb = give one's best wishes to sb = give one's best love to sb = give one's best regards to sb.
      c. 替某人向……問好: say“Hi”/“Hello”to sb from sb = give one's regards to sb.
      Please remember me to....             回答用語: ----I will. Thanks.
      d. How do you do?  (初次見面通常用語)  ---How do you do?
      How are you? (比較熟悉的人之間用語)  ---Fine, thank you, and you?/Very well, thank you.
      How are you getting along with...? (你近來...可好?)  --Every is fine!
      How are you doing?  (您工作還順利吧?)   --- I'm just great!
      How is everything?  (一切還好吧?)        ---Very(quite)well,thank you!
      How is your vacation/holiday(s)/Christmas Day/weekend? (假期怎么樣?)  --- Not bad!
      What's up?        (近來可忙?)   ---Couldn't be better, thank you!
      What's going on?   (近來可好?)   --- Just so so. (一般; 還可以)
      1. “Hello” 既可用于問候,有時也用于引起對方注意,打電話或叫人,多在熟人之間使用,而“Hi”的用法比“Hello”更隨便,口語中多見。
      2. Hello!和Hi!是互相熟悉的人之間的招呼語,比較隨便,一天中任何時候都可以用。有時,后面還可加上對方的名字,以示親熱。Good evening! 一般用于晚上(通常是九點以前). 需要注意的是,不可用Good day來打招呼。Good morning!省略good 時,也可用來打招呼,但一般用于比較熟悉的人之間。
      3. “How are you?” 則用于詢問對方身體情況答語可根據實際情況,如:“Fine/ Very well,thank you.”  注意: (very) good不能用來表示身體健康. 假如身體確實不太舒服并想讓對方知道,不妨說Not too well, I'm afraid.
      4. 對于不認識的人,想要他/她停下的說法:Hey, Sir/ Madam!   Just a moment, Sir/ Madam.
      5. 與英美人見面寒暄時,不應問及他(她)的年齡、婚否、收入等個人隱私情況。
      ★ 介紹
      a. This is Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/Comrade....  May I introduce you to...? I’d like you to meet....
      b. How do you do?  Nice/Glad/Pleased to see/meet you. Nice meeting you…
      c. My name is....  I’m a(student/teacher, etc.). May I know your name? Margaret, can you introduce me to her? Let me introduce you to others.
      Meet my sister Cathy.   Bill, this is Tom.   Hi, I'm Susan, this is my calling card.
      “Nice to meet you.”與 “Nice to see you.” 有一點區別。前者的意思是初次見面(認識你很高興)被人介紹相識后的寒暄用語。后者與前者在意思上相同,但是用于熟人之間(一段時間未見面后再次相遇)兩者回答用語與問候語相同。
      Nice to meet you.主要表示初次見面時的問候,而Nice meeting you.則是初次見面分手時的用語。
      ★ 告別
      有聚總有散!客人要走, 中國人常常會極力留客; 留不住, 也會送客很遠很遠; 嘴里說: “慢走!”
      客人要走, 英美人決不留客, 通常一句“Good-bye!”了事, 出門一概不理! 對于客人的到訪, 時常還要表示感謝: Thank you for coming.
      1. 直接的告別話語有:Good bye! (Bye bye! Bye!) See you (tomorrow)! See you later!
      So long!   Farewell!   Good night.
      2. 委婉的告別辭有: I'd like to say goodbye to everyone.  I'm calling to say goodbye.
      I’m afraid I must be leaving/off now.  I think it’s time for us to leave now.
      3. 其他帶有祝愿以及叮囑等的告別辭有:I'll look forward to seeing you soon.
      Let's hope we’ll meet again.   Hope to see you again.   Drop in anytime you like.
      a. Good night./Night!只限于晚上告別或上床睡覺時使用。
      b. Have a nice day!限于白天告別時用 (如早餐后家人互相道別)。
      c. 告別前通常要說一兩句客套話,如:I'm afraid I must be off (going) now. 長久告別時,還可同時表達希望今后多聯系 (Keep/Get in touch),要對方保重身體 (Take care),問候對方家人 (Please send my best wishes/regards to your family.)等。
      1. ---Hello, Sally. How's everything?  ---__________.
      A. Good for you    B. Oh, I agree    C. That's right    D. Just so so
      2. ---How are things with you, Bill?  ---__________.
      A. Hello, sure   B. I am terribly busy these days  C. Mind you own business  D. See you later
      3. ---Good night and thanks again.   ---__________.
      A. You can't say that   B. Oh, no. It's what I can do  C. How can you see that.  D. Good night.
      4. ---Well, it's getting late. I must be going. Thank you again for inviting me to the party? ---___.
      A. Oh, it's so late   B. Thank you for coming   C. Oh, so soon   D. I really had a happy time.
      5. ---Mrs. Johnson, I've come to say good-bye.  ---__________.
      A. See you next time    B. Have a pleasant journey. I will miss you
      C. That's OK          D. Thank you for saying that.
      6. ---- It’s getting late. I'm afraid I must be going now.  ---- OK. ______ .
      A. Take it easy     B. Go slowly    C. Stay longer     D. See you
      7. --- Let me introduce myself. I’m Albert.  ---- ______________.
      A. What a pleasure     B. It’s my pleasure   C. Pleased to meet you    D. I’m very pleased
      8. Jane: Tom, let me introduce you to Lucy.  Tom:______.   Lucy: Hi, I’m Lucy Lee.
      A. What’s your name?   B. Hello.    C. Nice to see you.    D. Sorry, not right now.
      西方人在發出“邀請”前常有一個引子,尤其在客氣的場合,如可先這樣問一下對方是否有空:Are you free this evening? 而Would you like to...和I'd like to invite you to...的句式較為客氣,帶有商量、詢問的口氣,多用于不知對方能否接受邀請的場合。
      a. 接受他人邀請時通常還要表示一下感謝。常用: Yes, I’d love to.
      Yes, it’s very kind/nice of you;              Yes, with pleasure.
      b. 如果是稍有保留地接受,可這樣說:I will if I can.
      It's very kind of you to invite me, but I'm not sure if I can come.
      c. 拒絕他人的邀請一般不直接說No, 而要婉言謝絕(通常會說明理由),并要聲明自己是愿意接受“邀請”的,但因某種原因不能接受,并表示歉意或感謝。常用:
      I’d like to, but I’m too busy. /   I’m sorry I can’t, but…
      I really enjoy it, but I’ve got to go now.
      I wish I could accept your invitation, but I’m afraid I don’t have time to go.
      Thank you for your kindness, but I’ve got an appointment at that time.
      a. Will/ Would/ Can/ Could you come to...?  Would you like to…     I'd like to invite you to...&
      b. Yes, I'd love/ be glad/ happy to(...).   Yes, I'd like to. / I'll be glad to.  Of course. I'll be glad to.
      Oh yes, thank you.    Yes, it's very kind/nice of you.      OK. Thank you very much.
      Yes, great.  Sure, why not?  Sure. That's a good idea.      Yes, with pleasure.
      c. I'd love to, but....          I'm sorry, but I can't.
      ★ 約會:
      a. Are you/Will you be free this afternoon/tomorrow?
      How about tomorrow morning/afternoon/evening?  Shall we meet at 4:30 at...?
      b. Yes, that’s all right.  Yes, I’ll be free then.
      c. No, I won’t be free then. But I’ll be free....         d. All right. See you then.
      1.-- Are you free next Wednesday evening? I want to go to the cinema with you?
      -- Yes, I'd like to.
      2.-- When shall we meet, today or tomorrow?  -- I don't mind. Either time is OK.
      3.-- Are you free later today?               -- Sorry, I'm free every day except today.
      4.-- Are you free this afternoon?            -- Oh no. Will this evening be all right?
      5.-- Would you like to join us? (喜歡和我們一起嗎?)    Shall we dance?(我們可以跳個舞嗎?)
      1. ---Would you like to have a dinner with us this evening?    ---________.
      A. OK, but I have to go to a meeting now       B. No, I can't
      C. Sorry, I will go to airport this evening.       D. I don't know
      2. ---We are going to have a dancing party tonight. Would you like to join us?    ---________.
      A. Yes, it's very kind of you  B. Of course not. I have no idea
      C. No, I can't  D. That's all right.
      3. ---Can you come over for dinner with us?    ---________.
      A. I'd love to, but I have a meeting tonight      B. It doesn't matter
      C. No, I don't like                           D. Oh, that sounds well
      4. ---I have got two tickets for the match. Shall we go and watch it together?    ---________.
      A. The tickets must be expensive.              B. The match must be exciting
      C. Why not? Let's go                        D. The place is too far away
      5. ---I have an appointment with Dr. Johnson.       ---________.
      A. The appointment is put off                 B. You look sick and weak
      C. Please wait for a minute. He is busy now.     D. Tell me your ID number
      6. ---- Let’s go to a movie after work, OK?  ---- ______ .
      A. Not at all.            B. Why not?     C. Never mind.         D. What of it?
      1. 在英語文化中人們常常通過贊揚來鼓勵某些合乎自己心意的行為,像You did a good job! Well done, everyone. You look nice. That's a beautiful shirt you're wearing. You are very clever. 而對他人的贊美,最普通、常用的答語是“Thank you.”而在中國的文化中,人們面對夸獎,常說“您過獎了”、 “哪里,哪里?!保ā癢here, where?”)以表示謙遜。
      2. 英國人收到禮物時,通常都會當著送禮人的面打開禮物,同時會說一些喜歡或贊美的話以表示謝意,送禮人此時常常附和說: “I'm glad you like it.” 而中國人往往說一些謙讓的話“您太客氣了?!薄澳@樣做太破費了?!钡?。若用此表達方式對待英國人,對方肯定會覺得你不喜歡或對他的禮物不屑一顧。
      3. 在西方, 別人給你做事、幫忙,別人向你問候或祝賀,別人給你鼓勵或贊揚時, 不能直接說 No,而應該說Thank you。
      4. 當別人問你要不要喝茶或吃點什么東西時,你若要喝或吃應說Yes, please,若你不想吃或喝應說 No,thank you.或 No,thanks.
      5. 沒得到或不需要對方的幫助可以說:Thank you all/just the same. Thank you anyway。
      a. Thank you (very much)./ Thanks (a lot)./ Many thanks. /Thanks for.... It's very kind of you to….
      b. Not at all.    / That's all right.     / You're welcome.    /That's OK.    / It's a pleasure/
      (It's) My pleasure。  Don't mention it.    I'm glad you like it.   It's really nothing at all.
      ★ 祝愿、祝賀和應答:
      A. 對于他人的祝愿、祝賀,英美人表示感謝(Thanks)。
      B. 和大家同慶同歡樂, 回答用: The same to you / You, too.
      C. I’m glad to hear that.  用于向對方主動告知的喜事表示祝賀或“附和”.
      D. 西方人喜歡收到禮物時當場打開并大加贊賞說:Wonderful!/ Beautiful!/ What a nice present! / How nice a gift!并表示感謝!
      E. 允許去玩樂說: Have a nice/good/pleasant/ wonderful time. / Have fun! 玩得開心點! 盡情去玩吧!
      F. 為人送行用: Have a good trip. / Have a pleasant journey. / Good luck with your trip!
      Good trip to you!  Nice journey to you!   祝旅途愉快!祝一路順風!
      1. Best wishes to you!  I wish you good health.  Good luck and success to you!
      Wish you success! May you success/ succeed!
      2. Merry Christmas!   Happy birthday to you!  / Happy New Year!
      3. Congratulations (on…)!   Well done!     Good luck with…/ Good luck to you!
      4. Enjoy your vacation!     Enjoy your stay in China.
      1. ---Shall I give you a ride as you live so far away?  ---Thank you. _________.
      A. It couldn’t be better   B. Of course you can   C. If you like   D. It’s up to you
      2. ---- Can I help you with your homework?    ---- No, I can manage it myself. _____.
      A. Thank you anyway.    B. Many thanks      C. I’m sorry.     D. You are very kind.
      3. ---I had a really good weekend at my uncle's.   ---___.
      A. Oh, that very nice of you  B. Congratulations  C. It’s a pleasure  D. Oh, I’m glad to hear that
      4. ---These are certainly beautiful flowers. Thank you so much.  ---__________.
      A. No, no. It's nothing   B. You are welcome   C. Yes, I agree   D. Yes, I think so too .
      5. ---I was worried about chemistry, but Mr. Brown gave me an A !   ---__________.
      A. Don't worry about it      B. Congratulations! That's a difficult course
      C. Mr. Brown is very good    D. Good luck to you
      6. ---Congratulations! You won the first prize in today's speech contest.  ---__________.
      A. Yes, I beat the others     B. No, no. I didn't do it well   C. Thank you   D. It's a pleasure
      7. ---Well done. Congratulations on your success. ---__________.
      A. Thank you very much        B. Oh, no, no
      C. No, I didn't do very well      D. Sorry, I couldn't be any better
      8. ---You have lovely children.   ---__________.
      A. No, no, they are not.     B. Oh, no, no    C. You are talking too much    D. Thanks
      9. ---Thank you ever so much for the book you sent me.  --- ___.
      A. No, thanks  B. I’m glad you like it   C. Please, don’t say so   D. No, it’s not so good
      10. -- Don't forget to phone me when you get home. Just to let me know you've arrived safely.
      -- I won't forget. Good-bye then.     -- ____
      A. With pleasure   B. Have a nice trip   C. Don't mention it   D. It's very kind of you
      11. ---I’ll go to Mike’s birthday party, Dad.    ---________.
      A. Have fun     B. Good idea     C. It doesn’t matter    D. Be a man.
      12. -----Hi, haven’t seen your for ages! You look fine!  -----_______. You look well, too.
      A. Great        B. Thanks       C. Oh, no        D. Not at all.
      13. ---It’s been a wonderful evening. Thank you very much.    ---_____.
      A. My pleasure    B. I’m glad to hear that      C. No, thanks      D. It’s OK
      14. ----Mike, our team will play against that of Class One this weekend. I'm sure we will win.  ----______!
      A. Congratulations      B. Cheers       C. Best wishes       D. Good luck
      15. Sara:Good evening, Mick. I'm so glad you could come.
      Mick:_______, Sara.
      Sara:Please come in and take a seat.
      Mick:______. Happy birthday to you, Sara. This is for you.
      Sara:A gift for me?
      Mick:Sure. Congratulations on this happy day.
      Sara:_______. (Open the gift)Oh, it's lovely and very beautiful.
      16. Li Gang:Hello, Sam. Happy Christmas and New Year!
      Sam:____________ .
      Li Gang:Wish you every success in the coming year.
      Li Gang:May New Year bring your family happiness and good health.
      Sam:________ your best wishes.
      Li Gang:What a wonderful snow!
      Sam:Yes. In fact, this is the first white Christmas in my life.
      四、道歉、遺憾和應答(責備和抱怨; 提醒)
      中國人喜歡反復強調自己的謙意,并喜歡用“非常抱歉”、“深表歉意”等表示程度傾向的語句,而英美人士則不同,對于因客觀原因而造成的過失或差錯,不必主動工過分向對方表示歉意。如一定要向對方道歉,說聲 sorry 即可,一般不用 very , terribly , truly 等表示程度的詞。因為在美國,過分的道歉或自責反而顯得不太誠懇,令人感到虛假或另有用心。
      對于不能去做或已經發生的不幸的事情, 西方人表示遺憾說: What a pity/ shame! 表示同情說: I'm sorry to hear that.    Bad luck!
      1. (I'm)Sorry./ I'm sorry for/about…/ I'm sorry to do sth. / I'm sorry to have done sth…  2. Excuse/ Pardon me ( for… )     3. Please forgive me for... (請原諒…)
      4. sb. be afraid that…            5. What a pity/shame! / It's a pity that…
      A. It is not important.  That's OK.  That's all right.  It's quite all right.  Never mind.
      It doesn't matter (at all).  Not at all.  It's nothing. /That's nothing. (沒關系)
      Please don't worry.   It's nothing to worry about.  Not to worry.  Don't mention it.
      It doesn't really matter.   Please think nothing of it.  Let's forget it. / No harm done.
      B. That's not your fault.   It's not your fault.   It was me to blame.   (這是我的錯)
      It was all my fault to have done...    (這都是我的錯…)
      That's okay. Don't let it bother you.  (沒事,別想的太多了)
      We really didn't mean that at all.    (我們真的沒有那樣的意思)
      Excuse me通常用于下列情形:需要打斷別人談話或工作時;有求于他人時;因故需要暫時離開時;就某事表示不同意見時;自己的言行將會影響他人時。(即:說或做可能令人不悅的事情之前使用以引起別人注意)。注意: 打擾別人,意為“勞駕”;請求別人讓路;向別人問路,打聽消息,意為“對不起,請問…”。 回答時說:“Yes?”;
      “I beg your pardon.”用來表示聽話人未能聽清楚他人所說的話,而希望說話人重復所說的話時的禮貌用法,“沒聽清話語, 而要麻煩再說一遍.”。
      I’m sorry to hear it/ that. 則是對說話者本人或近親屬已經發生的不幸, 進行安慰。
      ★ 責備和抱怨
      一般對責備與抱怨,人們通常的反應是表示抱歉(I’m sorry)與愿意接受。
      A. 英語中責備與抱怨的話通常有:What on earth is the matter here? (到底發生了什么事?)
      I'm afraid I have a complaint to make about the service.         (我對你們的服務有意見。)
      You ought to be ashamed of what you've done on me.   (你應為你對我所做的事感到羞愧。)
      Why on earth did you say such a silly thing to me?      (你對我說這種蠢話究竟是什么意思?)
      You ought to be careful enough next time.             (你下次再不能這樣粗心了。)
      It's no nice of you to behave like that.                 (你那樣做太不像話。)
      I am ashamed of you.  我為你感到羞恥。  You can't do that to me.  你不能這樣對我。
      Why can’t you do something about it? How dare you do that?  你怎幺敢這樣做?
      Can't you see?  你難道沒看見嗎? What do you mean by doing so?  你那樣做是什幺意思?
      What on earth is the matter? 究竟發生了什幺事情? Why didn't you tell me the truth earlier?
      Didn't I tell you to be here on time? 難道我沒叫你準時到這里嗎?
      B. I’m sorry to have said that, but....   It's my fault,I am to blame. 這是我的過錯, 我該罰。
      It's none of your business.  你不要多管閑事。
      ★ 提醒:
      Don’t forget to....  Don’t you remember the days when...?
      Make sure that everything is OK now.      I must remind you of…
      Be careful!
      1. ----Oh dear! I’ve just broken a window.  ----       . It can’t be helped.
      A. Never mind     B. All right      C. That’s fine            D. Not at all
      2. ----James, I am sorry I used your computer when you were away this morning. ----        .
      A. That’s all right  B. It’s a pleasure      C. You are welcome     D. Don’t mention it
      3. — Excuse me for interrupting you.   — ________ .
      A. Take it easy       B. Don't excuse me        C. That's right      D. That's all right .
      4. — I'm sorry to have got you into trouble.    — __________ .
      A. Don't say so       B. No worry           C. It doesn't matter    D. Nothing
      5.--- You haven't paid for it yet.  ---- _______.
      A. Oh, I'm really very sorry.    B. No trouble at all.   C. That’s nothing   D. Never mind.
      6. ---My father is ill in hospital. I have to go and take care of him.  ---________.
      A. What a pity!    B. Don’t mention it   C. It’s OK.   D. I’m sorry to hear that.
      7. ---Oh, sorry to bother you.    ---- _______.
      A. That's okay    B. No, you can't    C. That's good   D. Oh, I don't know
      8. ---Excuse me. I don't want to interrupt you but …   ---- _______.
      A. Can I help you    B. Certainly, how dare you   C. It's quite all right   D. Yes, you did
      9. ---Oh, I'm sorry. But I promise I'll be careful next time.   ---- _______.
      A. It's nothing at all        B. Oh, never mind. It doesn't matter
      C. Thank you.             D. There are no questions
      10. ---My grandmother's taken ill and I've got to go down to the hospital.  ---- _______.
      A. We are going to the same place.     B. Very sorry to hear it. I hope it's nothing serious
      C. Really                          D. Let me go with you
      11. ---Ed said that his boy fell off tree.     ---- _______.
      A. Oh dear! I hope he wasn't hurt.     B. Oh, no. A luck boy
      C. He might have broken his arm      D. Nothing serious
      12. -- I was so sure that our experiment was going to succeed, but something went wrong at the last moment.
      -- ____, but don't give it up.
      A. You don't mean that   B. Find out the reason   C. Never mind    D. I'm sorry to hear that
      13. --- I’m sorry I broke your mirror.  --- Oh, really? ________.
      A. It’s OK with me     B. It doesn’t matter    C. Don’t be sorry    D. I don’t care
      14. A : Come in, Mr Smith. Nice to see you.
      B : Nice to see you too. I'm very sorry to be late.
      A : _________ . We're glad you could come.
      B : I didn't quite remember the number of your house, so it took me a long time to find your house.
      A : _________ that I didn't make myself clear.
      B : Oh, __________.
      日常生活中,人們經常會碰到“禁止”“警告”的場合,如在博物館里的No Touch (請勿觸摸展品);影劇院里、公共汽車上的 No Smoking (不許抽煙);公園里座位旁邊的 Wet Paint (油漆未干);交通要道處的 No Parking (禁止停車)等。
      在正式場合,提醒對方注意,語氣一般較為婉轉,如:Please be sure to come earlier tomorrow.
      當對方處于危險狀態而沒有注意到時,你應該及時提出警告以防不測。如情況危險,就用簡短有力的祈使句。如:Take care! / Watch out! / Be careful! / Stop!
      接受了別人的警告必須向對方表示感謝并簡要說明理由, 甚至道歉。
      表示禁止時常用:You mustn't  / You can't (不行) 。
      表示警告時常用和:Take care. / Be careful! / Look out! / Mind out! 小心 Watch out! 當心! 等。
      You can't / Mustn't do ……   If you ……, you will ……     You had better not do ….
      Don't smoke.      No noise, please.    No + doing…        Be sure not to do…
      Look out!(緊急) / Take care!(提醒注意) / Be careful!  Look out for…/       Be careful with…
      Make sure you lock the door when you leave!                  Mind the wet paint!
      Mind your own business! 別管閑事!                   Watch out where you are walking.
      No way. /  OK,I will.  / Sorry,I won't.
      1.-- Don't climb that ladder! It's broken.           -- OK. Thank you.
      2.-- Look out! There's a car coming.               -- Oh, thank you.
      3.-- You mustn't play on the street. It's dangerous.   -- No, we won't.
      4.-- Don't touch the machine when it is working.     -- No, I won't. Thank you.
      5.-- You are not allowed to smoke here.             -- Oh, I'm sorry.
      1) — May I ____the book for another week?   — No, you ____. You must return it right now.
      A. lend; mustn't       B. keep; can't     C. have; needn't     D. borrow; mustn't
      2) — ______ when you cross the street. There's so much traffic.   — Yes, I will.
      A. Take care     B. Make sure           C. Look out         D. Be careful
      3) --- You can't walk your dog in the park.     ---_______.
      A. Oh, I'm sorry. I'll never do it again.   B. Mind your own business.
      C. Oh, thank you.                    D. I don’t think so. And I like it.
      4) Robert:Are you holding the ladder, Jane?
      Jane:Yes, I am. Please be careful, Robert. Don't go too high.
      Robert:___________. I'm OK.
      Jane:Look! There are some good apples over there.
      Jane:Behind you! Can you reach them?
      Robert:Oh, yes. I can see them, but I can't reach them.
      Jane:__________. It's dangerous! You're too high.
      Robert:No, I'm not. Great! I can reach them now.
      六、請求、允許(提出幫助; 提出建議和忠告、):
      a. May/ Can/Could I...? I wonder if I could/ can.... Do you mind if I do..? /Would you mind if I did…?
      b. Yes/Sure/Certainly.  Yes, (do) please.  Of course (you may).  Go ahead, please. (有請!)
      That's OK/all right.  Not at all.   With pleasure. 很樂意.
      c. I'm sorry you can't.    I'm sorry, but....    You'd better not.  All right./ OK.
      ▲ 對Would/Do you mind if…的回答。(首先要根據情況回答“是否介意”。如果真的介意, 都要委婉拒絕。不介意的答語:No, of course not. / Certainly not. / No, go ahead. / Not at all.  ……
      介意的答語:I'm sorry you can't. / Sorry, but it's not allowed.  /You'd better not.
      I would rather you didn't…  / I'm afraid…
      ▲對I wonder if I could/ can的回答:允許Sure, go ahead./ Yes, please do. / Yes. Of course. Certainly. 不允許I'm sorry, but…/ I'm afraid not./ No, please don't. / You'd better not.
      1.-- Please let me help you.              -- No, thanks. I can carry it.
      2.-- Can I see your licence please?        -- OK.
      3.-- May I call you James?              -- Of course, if you wish.
      4.-- Could I borrow a pen please?        -- Of course. With pleasure.
      5.-- Excuse me. May I use your dictionary? -- Yes, here you are.
      6.-- May I ask you several questions?     -- Yes, of course.
      ★ 提供(幫助等)和應答
      1. 發現陌生人或不太熟悉的人有困難,一般用下列句子主動提供幫助。
      Can I help you?  / What can I do for you?/   Is there anything I can do for you?
      Do you want me to call you a doctor?  / Let me carry the luggage for you.
      Would you like some coffee?
      2. 如果是熟悉的人或朋友,可直接問對方需要什么幫助。
      Would you like me to get you a book? / Do you want me to call you a taxi?
      If you don't mind, I'll go and buy them for you.   / Here, take my umbrella.
      3. 不需要別人幫助時,還是得先表示謝意。Please don't worry. I can manage it myself.
      Please don't bother .Thank you all the same.    No, thanks.
      1. Can / Could / Shall I help you?     2. Would you like me to…?
      3. Do you want me to…?            4. Would you like some……?
      Thanks. That would be nice/fine. / That's very kind your help. /Thank you for your help.
      Yes, please. / Here, take this/my… (接受幫助)
      No, thanks/thank you.              No, thanks/thank you. I can manage it myself.
      Thank you all the same.            That's very kind of you, but…
      ★ 提出建議和忠告
      對于他人提出的建議和忠告, 我們不能使用漢語式的表達“我同意”(I agree。)因為,英語中的I agree(with you)一般用來表示“同意對方的觀點、看法等”。
      1. I advise you (not) to do … / you'd better (not) do … / I suggest that you (should) do … / Why not do … / Why don't you do …; How/ What about doing…/ Shall we…?/ Let’s…
      2. Yes, I suppose so. / Yes, I certainly will. / Yes, but don't you think …?
      That's great.  Good idea. / That's a good idea. / Why not?
      3. That's impossible, but thank you all the same.   這不可能,但還是要謝謝你的。
      It's not our fault. I'm afraid I can't do that.     這不是我的錯,恐怕我作不了主。
      I'm afraid I can't follow your advice.   / I'm afraid not.
      1. ----There is an hour to go. Could we seat somewhere to have a drink?  ----________
      A. Have a try    B. Sure   C. Don't go please   D. No, I can't
      2. ---What about another coffee?   ----__________.
      A. No, thanks    B. You're so kind   C. Yes, of course   D. Sorry for the trouble
      3. --Let's go swimming, shall we?  -_____________.
      A. It's my pleasure    B. It doesn't matter   C. I agree with you   D. Yes, let's go.
      4. ---In my opinion, you'd better take a couple of days off.  ---_______.
      A. I will take your advice   B. Let me see    C. Never mind   D. I'm afraid so
      5. ---Please tell Dived not to drink too much.    ---__________.
      A. OK, let's go    B. I see    C. It's time for lunch   D. Please have a drink
      6. ---What about having a drink?    ---____.
      A. Good idea            B. Help yourself      C. Go ahead, please     D. Me, too
      7. --I'd like to invite you to dinner this Saturday, Mr. Smith.     ---____.
      A. Oh, no, let's not                        B. I’d rather stay at home.
      C. I'm very sorry, but I have other plans      D. Oh, no, That'll be too much trouble
      8. ---Can I get you a cup of tea?    ---_____.
      A. That’s very nice of you    B. With pleasure   C. You can, please   D. Thank you for the tea
      9. ---Can I look at the menu for a few more minutes before I decide?  ----Of course. ______, sir.
      A .Make yourself at home   B. Enjoy yourself   C. It doesn’t matter  D. Take your time
      10. ---Do you think I could borrow your bicycle? ----_________
      A. How come?     B. Take your time.    C. Yes, go on.   D. Yes, help yourself.
      11. ---Can I help you with your suitcase?    ---_________.
      A. I have no idea  B. No, no. I can carry it myself  C. That's a good idea  D. Thank you. I can manage myself.
      12. ---Can I help you to get it down?   ---__________
      A. No problem   B. Yes. Let's get it   C. Thanks. It's so nice of you   D. It's no trouble at all
      13. ---I wonder if you could help me?    ----___________.
      A. I could     B. Yes, I do     C. No, not at all    D. Certainly
      14. ----Please give me a hand, won't you?   --- _________.
      A. Of course I will    B. You're welcome   C. You are so kind    D. Don't mention it
      15. ---Oh, the box is too heavy.   ---__________.
      A. What's in it   B. Can I help you to carry it   C. Whose is it   D. May I have a try
      16. -Alice. you feed the bird today, __ ?    --But I fed it yesterday.
      A. do you         B. will you      C. didn't you      D. don't you
      17. ----Would you mind my coming over and having a look at your new garden? My little daughter is so curious about those flowers you grow.    ----- ________. You're welcome.
      A. Yes, I do    B. Never mind   C. Yes, please       D. Not at all
      18. ----Do you mind my smoking here?   ----___.
      A. Yes, please    B. No, of course not   C. Yes, as you like    D. No, you can't.
      19.---Would you mind me smoking here?      --_______ . It's non-smoking area here.
      A. Yes, please          B. I’m afraid I've to say yes      C. No, please          D. No, you can't
      20. Rose: Hi, Tom. You are carrying so many books.
      Tom: Yes, they are very heavy.
      Rose: Can I give you a hand?
      Tom: ________. I'm told you are busy these days.
      Rose: Certainly, we'll have our final exam.
      Tom: What can I do for you then? Can I help you with your English?
      Rose: Please don't bother. __________.
      A . Expressing anxiety   (焦慮)
      1. What's wrong? / What's the matter ( with you )? / Is there anything the matter?
      2. Oh, what shall I / we do?    3. Oh, what shall I/we do?  We were all anxious about....
      B . Expressing surprise  (驚奇)
      1. Really? / / Is that so? (是真的嗎?)    Oh dear?/ My God!  (哦, 我的天)
      2. Good heavens! My Goodness! / Goodness! / Thank Goodness! ( “慶幸”自己沒遭遇不幸)
      3. I can hardly believe my ears.
      C. Expressing pleasure  (喜悅)
      1. I'm glad / pleased / happy to…    2. That's nice / wonderful / great.
      3. Hopefully tomorrow will turn fine.
      1. -- Bruce was killed in a traffic accident.         -- ____ I talked with him yesterday morning!
      A. What a pity!      B. I beg your pardon?    C. Sorry to hear that.     D. Is that so?
      2. –-My father was killed in a traffic accident.      --________.
      A. Oh, my God      B. It’s impossible        C. Take it easy           D. I’m sorry to hear that.
      3. --- You didn't get hurt at all in the traffic accident?   --- _____. I was a lucky dog.
      A. No problem      B. I don't think so         C. I'm afraid not     D. Good heavens no
      4. A : What a nice dress ! Mary, you look beautiful today.
      B : _______ . You look beautiful, too! Where did you get your lovely new hat?
      A : It's a birthday present from my sister.    B : Your sister has a very good taste. The hat is really beautiful.
      A : ________ for your compliments (夸獎) . …
      A:______ ! What's the matter with you, young man? You almost ride over me!
      C :___________ , madam . I really didn't see you. Are you hurt?
      A : Well, _________ , I'm not hurt.                                   C : _________?
      A : Yes . Good heavens! Look at my new dress! Today is my first wear.     C : I beg your pardon , madam .
      A : For God's sake (看在上帝份上), I'll let you pass. But do be careful next time! It's really dangerous to ride so fast in the street.
      B: Thank you. ___________.
      對某件事情的真實性是否肯定,是否有把握,在英語中常用 sure, certain, doubt 等詞或may , might , must 等情態動詞表達。may , might 具有試探性,must 表示一種邏輯推斷的必然。此外,為了增強客氣的口吻,表示不肯定時可以伴隨一些表示遺憾、擔憂或歉意的表達方式。
      a. I’m sure(of that).   I’m sure(that)...   It is certain that… (不能說it is sure that…)
      b. I’m not sure(of that).  I’m not sure whether/if....  I doubt if....
      There is no doubt about it.   I have no doubt about it 對此事我敢肯定。
      Not a hope. 不可能。  No chance at all. 一點也不可能。 out of the question. 不可能
      Yes, certainly. / No, certainly not. / Yes, it sure / certainly is. / No, it certainly isn't.
      ★ 同意與不同意:
      a. 表同意: Certainly/Sure/Of course.  No problem.  Yes, please.  Yes, I think so.  That’s true.
      All right/OK. Good! / Excellent! / That's fine! What a good idea!  That’s a good idea....
      It’s a good idea that....   I/We agree (with you).   That's the right thing to do!
      b. 不同意: No, I don’t think so.  I’m afraid not.  I’m afraid I (really) can’t agree with you.
      It's not very nice.  I don't think that is a good idea.  Do you think that is a good idea?
      Personally, I feel that it's unwise.   What a terrible idea.   What a terrible thing to do!
      c. No way!    Exactly (說得對. 正是)
      1.-- I think the shop is closed at this time of day.         -- No, I think it's open.
      2.-- I think foreign languages are more interesting than science.
      -- I really can't agree with you. I prefer science.
      3.-- I think I shall read a book instead.
      -- Good idea. That's much better than watching a bad TV Programme.
      4.-- I think Chinese is more popular than any other subject. -- Maybe. But I prefer art.
      5.-- Don't think in Chinese when you're speaking English.  -- You are quite right.
      ★ 可能與不可能:
      a. He can/may....  It is possible that.... It is likely that....
      b. He may not....   Sb. is not likely to do/ that …(不能說: sb is possible to do/ that…).
      c. It looks as if / though it might rain later.  It appears to me that we’ll have to go on foot.
      d. We’ll probably do …. / I doubt if ….
      e. That’s / It’s quite impossible / It’s very unlikely. That’s hardly possible.
      That’ll never happen . / Probable not.
      f. Perhaps/Maybe.           It's up to you.  (由你決定)     It depends.  (看情況再說)
      It's hard to say  (難說).     I can't decide.   (我拿不定主意)。
      1. ---What kind of TV program do you like best?  ----_________.
      A. I like them very much.        B. I only watch them at weekend
      C. It's hard to say, actually       D. I'm too busy to say
      2. ---I really enjoy pop music. What's your favorite?  ----_________.
      A. No, not at all    B. Neither do I
      C. So did I    D. Well, actually I like classical music
      3. ---It's a great race! Do you agree?  ----_________.
      A. Yes, it is really disappointing        B. No, I like it
      C. No, it's worth seeing it             D. Yes, it's really exciting
      4. ---Are you sure about that?  ----_________.
      A. You needn't worry about that      B. I like the idea
      C. Oh, no. I'm afraid of that          D. Oh yes, I'm absolutely positive
      5. ---You may have seen this film?  ----_________.
      A. It is said to cost much   B. It will be shown next week
      C. Actually, I haven't      D. You may too
      6. ----People should stop using their cars and start using public transport.
      ----_________ . The roads are too crowded as it is.
      A. All right    B. Exactly    C. Go ahead     D. Fine
      7. ---- It'll take at least 2 hours to do this!   ---- Oh, _______. I could do it in 30 minutes.
      A. come on    B. pardon me   C. you are right   D. don' t mention it
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